Reasons I Love My Job

Reasons I love my job (3/many): Swimming with Eagle Rays!

Today I felt like doing a little exercise. The options here are limited: the choice is between running up and down hills while dodging monkeys, motorbikes and burning piles of rubbish or going for a swim.


Needless to say, I chose the latter. (I ran for a while but since I’m from a lovely flat country called The Netherlands running uphill is NOT for me and my knees started to complain…)


I usually swim to the reef on the other side of the bay and back to the beach, around 30-40 mins in total. It is quite common to see baby sharks (aaawwwwww) and other cool stuff while swimming (that’s why I bring a mask and snorkel) but today was exceptionally awesome.


Just before I decided to turn around and make my way back to the beach, I crossed paths with an eagle ray that was swimming by my side. I LOVE Eagle Rays. They are one of the most graceful animals in the ocean, together with their relatives the Devil- and Manta Rays (although I have never seen the latter – yet).


Eagle Ray!  Source:
Eagle Ray! Photo by William Goodwin. Source:



The movement of their wings (they ‘fly’ through the water) and the shape of their head reminds me of birds. Hence the name. Their tails are wickedly long and just so beautiful. They have a mesmerizing pattern of white spots on their back.


I count myself blessed that my exercise offers random encounters like this. So much better than a treadmill, right?!


Eagle Ray and a diver. Photo Courtesy of Doug Anderson, check his portfolio on
Eagle Ray and a diver. Photo Courtesy of Doug Anderson, check his portfolio on

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