A Dry Spell

Did I write a few months ago that my life was actually really boring? Well, look at me now.


I am back home to catch up with friends and family. It’s been over a month now, and slowly I’m starting to ask myself why on earth I planned to go home for at least three months. Couldn’t I just have done a three week holiday? Like, you know, the majority of the working population?


It’s interesting to see how quickly you get used to all the luxury again. The hot showers. The wine. The cheese! It is also interesting, and slightly worrying, to see how quickly you slide back into lethargic couch-potato mode watching endless streams of mind-numbing TV shows (Criminal Minds, really?!). Did I mention the cold? The cold! The coldest I’ve been in the past nineteen months has been, what, 25C? Except maybe for those stupid aicon buses where its 15C? And now it’s suddently 8C and it will only get worse. Boo! (do you hear the worlds smalles violin playing in the background?)


To battle my inner couch potato I try to run a few times a week, first thing in the morning. It definitely offers a change of scenery. From beaches and jungle to dikes and sheep. It’s Holland, after all. I also try to learn Spanish and refresh my German to keep my mind busy*.

The new running track. Just keep going.
The new running track. Just keep going.


Since a few days, I even have a job. Is there a feminine word for postman? Postwoman? ‘Cause that’s my new thing. At least for a while, for a few hours a day. It forces me to get outside. For sure it’s different than being a dive instructor, but at least it gets me wet when it rains.


*I use Duolingo (plus some textbooks). You too? Find me under the username _Rosien and kick my ass when I get sloppy. I’ll return the favour!

2 thoughts on “A Dry Spell”

  1. I found the same thing when I went home to Canada for a month-long holiday in August. After a week, sitting on the couch watching TV and ordering Chinese food delivery was ‘normal’ again. So weird.

    I’m going to find you on DuoLingo, I’m using it too!!

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