Riding home

Give me a break – A new adventure!

Like many of  you, or I guess most people, I need a break. Although I have one of the best jobs I can imagine, it’s still a job and a girl needs to travel, right? Even if my job happens to be in some of the more beautiful/interesting/remote/fascinating environments in the world, it’s still a job.

(Which, the girl that had been diving with us for two weeks and was now waiting for the same flight that I planned to take to my holiday destination clearly did not understand. “So you are going on a holiday in your holidayThat’s amazing!”. No, Muppet, I am going on a holiday away from my work, just like you have been doing for the past two weeks. But I digress.)

I am finding the job less challenging than before. No, it’s still challenging but for all the wrong reasons. The long hours. The backbreaking carrying of tanks and gearbags, the lack of a space of my own, and frankly, the sometimes exhausting customers. My actual work, teaching people how to dive, is routine now, and only challenging when the student has a challenge with a particular skill, in which case I just get stressed out because people nowadays seem to think two days is enough to learn how to dive, but that’s matter for another rant I guess.

The good thing about not owning all that much and not being tied down by a mortgage/rent/fixed contract is that a decision to travel is easily made, so plans were formed, money was saved, visas applied for, equipment bought and now that’s all pretty much sorted out I can finally announce what we’re up to.

Testride in Dibba
Testride in Dibba

We are riding home.

Well, A’s home actually, or his hometown I guess, as he has had various homes like me for the past three years. It happens to be located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast and we figured the best, easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to get there would be on a bicycle.

Did I mention we needed a challenge?

Not sure about the route yet, but it will roughly be through Iran, across Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and then westwards to Spain. We’re not exactly hardcore cyclists (A hasn’t ridden a bike since he was 15 and I abandoned my previous cycling trip in favour of diving) so there might be some buses or trains involved.

Of course I’ll be posting updates here on the regular, so keep an eye on this space, and perhaps we meet on the road somewhere.


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