FUCK YEAH This Is Going To Be Epic

You know that feeling when you finally make up your mind? Finally put words into practice? Take concrete steps to actually make your plan work?

You know, that feeling like there’s a weight lifted off you shoulders and you just want to bounce and jump around and hug random people?


And all, ladies and gentlemen, because….

…..insert drum roll here…

I finally booked my plane ticket.

(This would be the appropriate time to do high-fives, bumshakes, hip-wiggles, stupid grins and slaps on the shoulder. Please join me)

Exactly one year after setting foot on Malaysia’s soil for the first time (or actually, my bike tires) I will return, not with a bicycle but with a bag full of dive gear. Closing the circle. No, that sounds like I am ending an era but I’m just beginning. I am taking the plunge (pun intended) and I know it’s going to be EPIC. Even if I screw up, it will still be epic. And that, my dear, is the spirit.

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