Unexpected Beauty In Everyday Life

It is a beautiful world we live in.
God this is such a cliché.

But really, the beauty of it all knocks me off my feet. It is one of the reasons I scuba dive and go to faraway places, to suck it all up, to marvel, but I often forget that beauty can be found close to home too.

So, the bigger the surprise when I’m stunned by beauty in my own back yard, which happened two days ago. It is snowing here (here being The Netherlands). Happens almost every year and yet the whole country, including me, goes snow crazy. Sure, it’s nice that everything is covered in a thick white blanket but the real surprise came when there was a perfectly blue sky and it was still snowing.

Huh? Snow is supposed to fall out of clouds, right? Like, rain, but frozen?

Apparently not. First I thought that it was frost or snow that just fell from the trees but there was also snow where there were no trees. Huh?! again.

Apparently there is some kind of snow, ‘poolsneeuw’ (polar snow, don’t know the correct name in English) that materializes out of air. It’s water vapor that freezes and turns to snowflakes. How incredibly cool is that?! (and yes, that very lame pun was intended).
But the best thing is that the sunlight reflected on the flakes and created little halo’s around them.

So two days ago I watched dancing halo’s in the sky and I almost cried. Because sometimes you can’t do anything else than just watch, enjoy and immerse yourself in beauty.

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