To Just Get The Fuck Out There And Write

So, I had this moderately successful blog (by my own standards) until I moved to this remote tropical paradise and my life became incredibly boring.

Awesome, don’t get me wrong, but boring, in an every-day-is-the-same-awesomeness kind of boring. Since no one wants to hear how awesome my life is for endless days on end, I didn’t have anything to write about.

So the blog, this one, kind of died.

The fact that I was working over 80 hours a week also didn’t do any good for my creativity and made it hard to come up with stories beyond ‘we saw a shark/turtle/awesome nudibranch today, whoohoo!´

Diving was all I did (and still do). Three, sometimes four dives a day leave little room for anything else, although there were plenty of nights where I was lying awake in bed where I could have thought about things to write except for the fact that the horrible live-karaoke band from next door blocked all attempts to form a single coherent thought and I was just too.fucking.tired.

Then, before you know it, a year had passed, no one on teh internetz knows who I am anymore (did they ever?) and I probably still don’t have anything to write about.

What has changed, then?

I moved to a new place (somewhere off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia) where things calmed down a bit, where I slowly regained the ability to form coherent thoughts and/or have a proper night of sleep and actually have time to sit down and write.

So there we go again, starting over from the beginning. Hoping that to just get the fuck out there and write will keep things running, will keep creativity flowing and maybe, maybe this blog will be much more than it once was.



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