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So Much For Good Intentions And Trying Not To Stink Up The Whole Room

I should probably write weekly updates about the encounters with strange tropical critters, both above and below the surface.

But I don’t.

However, picture the following scene.


After weeks of being a lazy-ass I got hit by the sudden urge to go for a run. No idea where that came from, but anyway. My running shoes had been outside the room since the last time I went running, because, you know, I don’t want my sweaty feet to stink up the whole room.

But anyway.

Full of good intentions I pick up one shoe and for some mysterious reason (female intuition?!) I decide that it is probably a good idea to knock it against the floor a few times before I put it on.

Knock knock. A toad jumps out.

Knock knock. A few seconds later another toad jumps out.

Knock knock knock knock knock (frantically) followed by a small family of spiders coming out of my shoe running after the toads.



So now by shoes are back in the room, stinking everything up, but how else would you avoid creepy crawlies making your shoes their semi-permanent residence?

Also, what were two toads doing in my shoes? Making little babytoads?


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