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Boob-bugs and the best office in the world

Sometimes I am really, really fed up with living in the tropics. One of those times was yesterday when I unwrapped my towel around me, ready to have a shower, and a squashed bug fell out from under my boob.

I don’t know if this is a thing that regularly happens to people in let’s say, Europe? Or other temperate climates? I mean there’s bugs there too, so please share your boob-bug stories with me so I feel less alone and perhaps slightly less horrified.

This unidentified bug must have been sitting there for at least 6 hours because that’s the last time I changed bikini/bra, so what the hell? How do I get a 1,5 cm (ok I know it’s not that big but still!) bug dying in my bra without noticing?


Just eewwwwww.

On the other hand, living here means that I have the absolutely best office in the world. The best thing about it is probably that it´s not really an office, just an old table and some plastic chairs, but this is where the magic happens people.


YES. Pretty flowers. Wobbly plastic chairs. Coffee! Awesome, isn´t it? You can’t even see the gazillion butterflies fluttering around in the picture. Not that I write much but almost every early morning before I’m off to work I spend here writing, studying Spanish or just enjoying my coffee.

The only downside? Statistically there should be at least half a dozen snakes in the near vicinity. You get used to it.

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