Embracing my Domestic Goddess. And Cats.

Everyone who has ever set foot in my room will probably roll over the floor peeing their pants with laughter after reading the words ‘my Domestic Goddess” for I am a known filthy, gross person.

Neat, but disgusting. I can live with moldy dinner plates as long as they’re stacked up in a neat pile. I would sweep dust under the rug if I’d have one. You could trace my steps following the trail of used Q-tips, but I digress.

Today I cleaned our room. I moved ALL the furniture to sweep and mop the floor. I cleaned all the shelves.

OMG so much work in a 12m² room! First world problems right? I even rearranged the furniture.

Enough of that.

What I really wanted to write about is The Cat. Or Kitten. I’m not sure if it is OUR kitten but he seems to think so because we’re his to-go-to-people to whine for food.

And I know, I KNOW it’s Blogging Sin no. 1 to write about cats. I don’t care, because how can you NOT write about this?

The Whiny Ball of Fluffy Fur and his favorite potted plant
The Whiny Ball of Fluffy Fur and his favorite potted plant

One of our customers found him screaming on the side of the road, all alone, two weeks ago. My guess is that he was about five or six weeks old at the time (still wobbly on the feet) and possibly dumped there. Or he strayed too far away from home and got lost because he is quite the adventurous type. OR his mom got abducted by Evil Killer Monkeys to another dimension. You can never be sure about these things.

Even though he still tries to drink (from our trousers??!) we feed him a steady diet of fish and chicken leftovers. Fresh tuna, free-range chicken, he’s gonna be spoiled forever. I think the housekeeping ladies feed him rice too because sometimes he’s suddenly FAT and lazy, which is exactly what too much rice does to me.

Cat vs. Pig

Question for Cat Pro’s: Is there a way that we can encourage him to hunt for himself? Plenty of mice, rats and lizards around. We don’t want him to become too dependent on us because in a few months we might not be here anymore. Advice is much appreciated!

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