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Checking off small goals: I wrote something for something else.

Birthdays are reflective moments. So when I turned 28, last June, I sat down and made a list of things I want to accomplish in the next year, before my 29th birthday. Which is almost 30, after all. Damn.

I’m not going to share all details on the list because it’s not all your business, but among things like “Find another job” and “Read at least 25 books” there was also “Write & publish one article for money”.

The list helps me prioritize the things that are important in my life, at this moment. With the information given it looks like work and money are very important, which sounds shallow, but we spend so much time at work that there’s no denying that it IS important.

Anyway, one of the things was to write and publish an article (and get paid for it) and that’s at least one I can tick off the list. The rest is still work in progress (so if you have any book recommendations or know of an awesome job, let me know!). I’m stoked about this, because xojane.com is one of my favorite websites.

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The article appeared on xojane.com

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