Hokkaido in pics

Supershort update: we are now in Akita on the West coast of Honshu, hiding in yet another internetcafe from yet another typhoon that is passing through. This one, Trami, isn’t as bad as the previous one and the worst has passed already, but still strong winds are predicted for tomorrow so we are using that as an excuse to book a night in a hotel and stay here for another day. 

Now that we finally managed to get our hands on a computer so we can take the pics from the camera onto the interwebz, here is Hokkaido, in pictures! Only the first two weeks of our trip really, didn`t have time to take more off the camera. I’m just going to dump them all in one post with links to relevant posts, to make everyone’s life a little easier. Without further ado…in somewhat chronological order.

Rosien riding her bicycle through a wet forest
First day of riding, first day of rain; on the cycle path to Sapporo (day 2). So green!


Our little green tent with a water wheel in the background
Campsite at a roadside station. Just behind here was a busy road and huge parking lot but we had a little corner in the park next to a huge water wheel


Ice cream! Hokkaido is famous for its dairy farming == milk == delicious ice cream, this one topped with olive oil and Japanese basil. Weird, but good!


Antonio riding one of Hokkaido’s glorious quiet roads near Furano. Glorious weather too!


You’re not allowed to push your children down the waterfall. Strange country, Japan.


A doofy selfie near a very blue lake




A casual hike to the summit of Mount Kurodake near Sounkyo


Expectation vs. Reality at the top of Kurodake


This little guy was munching on some flowers


Hello deer! Wildlife has been great in Hokkaido; foxes, chipmunks, soooo many deer. No bears though.


#transportationgoals for our next trip


A very satisfied looking Antonio enjoying his second breakfast looking out over the Sea of Okhotstk. Not pictured; hundred of mosquitos that were disturbing the peace and quiet. Assholes.




Five-star camping cuisine; wild salmon, caught by Antonio‘s new best camping friend, with an ENOURMOUS bag of salmon roe. Great if you `re into that sort of thing


Lake Mashu. We did a steep-ass climb to get there but the view is worth it. It is a caldera lake and used to be one of the clearest lakes in the world. Because of its altitude it is usually covered in clouds/fog and supposedly it brings bad luck to see it in the sun. Oh well…


Volcanoes means hot springs means HOT BATHS at the end of a day riding. Just like that! It is really not done to take pictures in an onsen/rotenburo because of naked people, but we had the whole place to ourselves




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